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Asymmetrical hemlines are a fun alternative to traditional maxi dresses that run short. Rather than cascading down to the ankles, maxi dresses hover a few inches above them when you're six feet or taller. This ruins the streamlined silhouette they're intended to create. Luckily, there's a flattering alternative to full-length styles. In high-low maxi dresses, the front of the dress is meant to be shorter than the back, which helps distract from a hemline that might not fall where it's supposed to. It's also convenient that the shortest part of a high-low dress is usually longer than most minidresses, making this style a happy medium between minidresses and maxi dresses. 6. Rompers and jumpsuits can be very uncomfortable. If they don't fit perfectly, rompers and jumpsuits can pull at the shoulders. It's hard to make the most of an ill-fitting jumpsuit or romper; the fabric is all connected.

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